Online Classes

Online classes

In our online space we meet and practice somatic yoga and movement together. Just by showing up on our mats, setting an intention to focus our energy on our well-being, and welcoming each-other into the practice, we create a field together. A field of support where we meet ourselves with kindness and let our practice unfold.

“Movement is the song of the body’’.

Vanda Scaravelli

What does an online class look like?

No class will ever be the same but every class is about your experience of your body. While you connect with your felt sense, it is my wish for you to find ease and joy in the movements.

I’ll guide intuitively from my own inner connectedness, occasionally I might read some poetry, which is more the language of the body than the mind, or share new findings from different fields like body-psychology, neurology or anatomy.

We’ll move through a series of organic movements to open up the joints, we gently stretch to hydrate fascia and release tension, we breath into the tighter places to create space, we explore the living spine, mobility of the hips, our fluidity, and we move into gentle yoga asana to build strength in our muscles and bones. And so much more!

Most movement will take place on the floor, lying down and sitting. There will be some standing, and sometimes more dynamic movement as well.

We’ll end the class with a moment of deep relaxation to give the body time to integrate  the information it received during class.

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